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Elegant tools for the modern kitchen: Peelers, Mashers, Basting Brushes, Nonstick Tongs, and Spaghetti Spoons that Get It Right.

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Shipping Update + Projects We Love, GIR Edition
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 01:11:31 AM

The holidays are always an odd time for us here at GIR—on one hand, we're ready for a break from the fall onslaught of product development and production. And on the other hand, we can't stop for a second because the peak shipping season is just getting into frenzy mode. It's a great problem to have, of course. And we couldn't be happier to than to have your Kickstarter reward shipments be in the mix. Plus, we are right on schedule!

Shipping schedule

We started shipping rewards last week and we're about 90% complete. We'll continue to ship through the day tomorrow, and then take a break for Thanksgiving through the weekend. We'll be back at it on Monday December 2nd, so if you responded to your survey on the later side your shipment might go out that week.

What to expect:

  • If you've already completed your backer survey, your package has already shipped or will ship sometime between now and December 5th.
  • You'll receive a shipping notification, with tracking, when your package goes out. (That's 90% of y'all as of today!)
  • If you don't receive a notification tomorrow/Monday/etc. and you're really excited and champing at the bit and feeling like dear-me-when-will-they-send-the-email-I-can't-take-the-suspense, we haven't forgotten you; your package is queued for processing!
  • If you haven't received a shipping notification by December 6th, check your spam folder and/or send us a note. Before that, sit tight! We're moving as quickly as we can.
  • Once all packages have shipped, we'll launch these new tools to the public on our website. If you get your gear, love it, and want more as stocking stuffers, you can place a pre-order on Backerkit between now and December 6th, or at anytime after that!
  • If you have a question about your pledge or shipment, please email us at We won't share personal information about your pledge or shipment on the comments board; plus, you'll get an answer much quicker if you contact our support crew via email ;)


Sam and the GIR Team

PS If you ALSO backed our Ultimate Straws campaign, this update might be a bit of a familiar read ;) 

Projects We Love, GIR Edition

The Kickstarter community is tight—and it's all about helping each other out. From chatting on internal message boards to spreading the word about a cool product or endeavor, as creators we often find ourselves connecting with other teams and seeing how we can lend a hand. Below, you'll find five projects (all with a "plugged" theme) that were hoping for a little extra help getting the news out. Naturally, we volunteered!

Winston: Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy

Winston is a plug-and-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of internet on ANY connected device at home. Stop being watched, packaged & sold. Winston scrambles your internet activity with other Winston users, without using VPN. Its parental controls filter inappropriate content, with 90,000 tracking and malware sites blocked by default. It reduces data usage by 45%, and works with all streaming services and games.

zLight - Smart Bedroom Hub 

zLight is a sleep box that emits a faint light to let you know whether it’s okay time to get up or go back to sleep. It's also a minimalistic wireless charger for fast wireless charging, and includes an air quality control system to monitor your bedroom environment.

Cubbit: Forever-Free, Privacy-First Cloud Storage

Cubbit is a plug-and-cloud device to back-up all your files on a P2P network & access them from anywhere. It boasts a slew of features, including no monthly fees; cells expandable up to 4 TB; and the ability to plug in to any hard drive to get more space.

Shipping update: Product is on its way to us—and then, to you!
4 months ago – Tue, Nov 05, 2019 at 02:09:37 AM

Hi team,

Just about every peeler, masher, basting brush, tong, and spaghetti spoon has been loaded into a container and is headed our way!

Delivery Timeline

Here's what we have in store:

October 18th-November 15th: Product inbound to our warehouse
November 15th-18th: Inventory received and organized, shipping prep begins
November 19th: Shipping begins!
November 27th-29th: GIR Warehouse Closed for Thanksgiving
Week of December 2nd: Last orders ship (late survey responses, unverified addresses, etc.)

This is just an estimate of course, but we're in good shape with the shipment already on its way to us.

I mentioned this over in our Straws Campaign, but it's worth sharing again: we are SO excited for all the holiday carols blasting through the warehouse speakers as we wrap up your packages and send them on their merry way in just a few weeks. Speaking of straws, our campaign is almost over—if you're in the market for some extra awesome stocking stuffers, check it out before time runs out!


Sam and the GIR Team

Surveys locked down! Also, ignore the automatic email you will get from our Shopify store.
5 months ago – Tue, Oct 08, 2019 at 01:00:01 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

Production is almost complete!
5 months ago – Wed, Oct 02, 2019 at 11:28:31 PM

And just like that, we're almost done.

Fall is in the air, and your rewards are making their way from the production line to packaging assembly this week. By mid-month, we'll have them on a boat headed to Long Beach, CA—about a 30-minute drive from our warehouse.

Surveys are headed your way soon! We will be sending BackerKit survey invites in batches over the 48 hours. You might have gotten yours already, or you might get it in a day or two - we’ll send another update once every single survey has been sent. At that point if you can’t find yours, please shoot us a private message via Kickstarter and we’ll send you a link with your personal invitation. We’ve gotten a couple reports of invites caught in spam recently, so please check there also if you don’t see your invite by the evening of Friday October 4 (whichever time zone you’re in!).

The invite email will look just like this:

Delivery is on track for November!

Everything is going as scheduled (phew!) and we're planning to start shipping reward packages in mid-November. We'll be in touch with plenty of notice once that process starts—surveys are the first step, or course. We'll be locking down your completed surveys on a rolling basis to ensure inventory availability for any add-ons you might have selected— essentially, once you finish your survey, we'll aim to lock about 2-3 days later.

Once products are received at our warehouse in mid-November, it'll take us a couple days to receive and organize and then we'll get right to packing and shipping rewards. When your package goes out, you'll receive a shipping notification with tracking info so you can follow it on its journey from our door to yours. More on that when the time comes; just want to give you all some insight into our plans and prep so you have a sense of what's on the horizon.

Thanks again for supporting this campaign! We have lots more in store for this fall, and we'll be back with a big announcement in just a few days—stay tuned :)


Sam and the GIR team


Projects we love, GIR edition

The Kickstarter community is tight—and it's all about helping each other out. From chatting on internal message boards to spreading the word about a cool product or endeavor, as creators we often find ourselves connecting with other teams and seeing how we can lend a hand. Below, you'll find four projects (all with a "high power" theme) that were hoping for a little extra help getting the news out. Naturally, we volunteered!

WOWSTICK SD: Exquisite Lithium Battery Home Screwdriver

Wowstick's compact electric screwdriver is easy to operate and extremely practical - ideal for home use. And heads-up, there are only a few hours left to get in on their campaign!

SuperCharger2.0 - USB-C Hub & Fast Charge Power Bank

With their Supercharger 2.0, GoSpace packs a 3-port charger with 45W power delivery (PD), a 10,000 mAh power bank, a hub for file transfer, and interchangeable plugs that support 150+ countries into one sleek unit.

Side Pocket: 100% Wireless Charging Travel Fanny Pack

Side Pocket is game-changing smart fanny pack with a built in wireless power bank. Perfect for travelers who want to charge hands and cords free while they're on the go.

Ennercell - World’s Smallest True Wireless Battery Pack

Ennercel is a wireless power bank that charges your devices and itself completely cable-free. Designed to make your life easier and more convenient, so you can finally say leave those annoying, messy, and tangled cables behind when you’re out having fun. 

6 months ago – Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 11:32:56 PM

Woohoo! Thanks to you all, we're well on our way to making GIR peelers, mashers, basting brushes, spaghetti spoons, and tongs a reality.

As I mentioned in earlier updates, we got a head start on production a couple weeks ago and our November delivery timeline is in our sights. We'll be back in touch soon with lots more on the post-campaign survey process (that's where you'll pick colors and tell us where to send the goods), but we wanted to share this note of thanks before we let another minute go by. We did it! High five!


The GIR Team